SAF-T PT (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes - Portuguese version)

Microsoft has released and update for Navision 4.0 SP3 PT

In 2008, all accounting software packages are required to include a SAF-T PT (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes - Portuguese version). SAFT-T is a standard for audit purposes established by the OECD.

A Standard Audit File is the recording of key business information (transactions and ledger postings) into a file in a specified common format for audit purposes.The Portuguese format follows the OECD’s SAF-T format with a few changes to adapt it into the Portuguese local market. It’s basically an XML file with specific information for a period (up to the date of its creation).

Please review the release note documents for detailed instructions about this functionality. This feature includes:

  • new and modified objects
    Log of changes is also provided for this feature.

These objects are tested primarily for version 4.0 SP3. Please, be aware that this feature might not work in earlier versions and with customer specific changes.

License update is needed.

Portuguse Anouncement (Not the same in English version):

SAF-T PT (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes - Versão portuguesa)
O Dec.Lei nº 238/2006, de 20 de Dezembro 2006, aditou ao art. 115º (Obrigações Contabilísticas das Empresas) do Código do IRC um nº 8 em que estabelece que:

“As entidades referidas no nº 1(*) que organizem a sua contabilidade com recurso a meios informáticos devem dispor de capacidade de exportação de ficheiros nos termos e formatos a definir por portaria do Ministro das Finanças”.

Foi publicada a portaria nº 321-A/2007, de 26 de Março que estabelece: “os sujeitos passivos de IRC que exerçam, a título principal, uma actividade de natureza comercial, industrial ou agrícola e que organizem a sua contabilidade com recurso a meios informáticos ficam obrigados a produzir um ficheiro, de acordo com a estrutura de dados que vem em anexo à Portaria e que entrará em vigor relativamente aos sistemas de facturação, às operações efectuadas a partir do dia 1 de Janeiro de 2008 e, relativamente aos sistemas de contabilidade, aos registos correspondentes aos exercícios de 2008 e seguintes.”

O formato deste ficheiro baseia-se no SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes), formato standard de auditoria estabelecido pela OCDE.

A Microsoft disponibiliza uma alteração do Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3, que poderá encontrar no PartnerSource (link), que permite a geração do ficheiro de auditoria requerido pela legislação acima referenciada. Recorde-se que para que esta alteração possa funcionar a licença do cliente deverá sofrer uma actualização.

Huh, and how about all other versions out there? Ok, not 3.01 but 3.6 or 3.7 are common. Does MS plan to update these versions as well?

I think that is the easiest part…

I don’t think that this feature will be implemented in other versions.

It’s easy to backport to 4.X versions because this feature it is only a minor tables changes and a XML port.

Because it’s an XML port that processes all information it gives some work to have it in 3.X versions.
Because of a new XM port the customer has to change license? I think MS is trying to force customers to have maintenance plans.

I have seen customers with >10,000 licenses (incl. operating system) which actually change to an other OS because the did not like this MS policy.


I need help about SAFT PT, I need know someone who make it be able to apply to our software. We meke laundry softwares and we must to add SAFT PT in Portugal but we are looking for some one who make it. Can you help me?

Can you explain better were you want more help ? SAF-T is a file format that has all your G/L Entries during selected period. It is used to cross information of entries among several companies.


Can someone tell me where can I get these objects?


Rgds. M.

In any Portuguese Cronus database.