Running Total in X++

Hi everyone. I am a beginner developer and want to learn how to compute running totals.

For instance:

Item1 Qty1 Qty1

Item2 Qty2 (Qty1+Qty2).

Any help would be appreciated.

Please elaborate more on your requirement.

H Kranthi. For example I need to add a running total for the product picking list report . The people in the warehouse hand add items so they need to see the running total in order to make sure they did the correct measurement.

Itemid Quantity Running Total

Item 1 Qty1 Qty1

Item2 Qty2 (Qty1 +Qty2)


Hi, You can sum it up everytime and send it. qty += inventtable.qty; element.send(inventtable); It sums up the quantity everytime and send it to report.