Runbase Dialog :: Re-run

I have a class which extends runBase. It uses a custom form for the Dialog method, and parms the fields back to the class via edit methods.

When the dialog closes, the Run() method is called, which first calls a custom validation method which checks everything that it can. After this returns true, the rest of the run method is executed. If there are errors or unforeseen exceptions, would it be possible to either:

A) halt execution of the run() method and reinitialize the dialog with the fields pre-populated from the edit methods upon init?

B) run a new instance of the runbase class, passing in “this” so that all data transfers successfully to the dialog?




I ask when I just needed to play around a little more. Since recursion wasn’t much of an issue here, in the Catch I am displaying the error message to the user and then calling this.prompt();;

Essentially re-initializes the Dialog and runs the process again, using the same instance of the class.