Runaway lists in Citrix

Has anyone experienced the following when accessing Navision using Citrix & Windows 2000 Terminal Server: “In a list screen - if you double-click once on the page down scroll arrows then the list just continues to scroll down on its own until the Escape key is pressed. The same effect is seen on the other up/down arrows as well.” Any ideas?

You may need to service pack citrix, I think there was a problem with some display drivers and citrix. You may also have to update the display drivers on the client. Hope this helps. Paul Baxter

I have encountered something similar: I.e. in the Item card, hitting Alt + I makes the Item menu flash, not open long enough for you to choose a menu item. Very annoying for people trying to work without tuching the mouse. Is the cause/cure the same? New graphics drivers etc.? Should be something Citrixish. W2K client and server, Metaframe XP, latest client software. Pelle

Thanks, I see now that this topic has been covered in depth before (I know I should have checked). I can confim that turning the “Use Data Compression” option does remove this problem - I’m not sure what other implications this has however.

We had a client with this problem - and it was fixed in Service Pack 2 of Metaframe 1.8. However, it was then subsequently broken again in Service Pack 3 - but latest word from Navision was that Citrix was aware of it and they would be fixing in future releases. That stinks that you’re having that problem with XP (as I haven’t touched Metaframe XP yet). Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions

Latest client version (6.30.1050) solved my problem. Pelle

What we need is some type of scheduler, that will automatically repost this item every six months, this has been posted many many times, and still Citrix and Navision have not been able to get together and fix it. Maybe now with MS help we will get it resolved. PS in earlier versions of citrix, the only solution was to log off and start again. The “press escape” solution was a god send when it came in 1.8. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@comcast.net___________