Run a page

Hi all,

I 'm a new person for NAV. when I try to run a page that I designed it always display a different page that i designed previously.

Please advice me .


Hi NS,

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How do you run your newly designed page?

Are you running it directly from Object Designer?

Try the following:

dynamicsnav:////runpage?page=YourPageNumber [This is assuming you are on the server, replace dynamicsnav by Your NAV Server Name]

Hi Dhan,

I’m runing my page using - dynamicsnav:////runpage?page=YourPageNumber . I 'm using my note book to do my practicals for my first exam.


Which version of NAV are you using NAV2009 or NAV2009 SP1?

What is the Page number that you are giving as paramaeter (YourPageNumber)? And which form is displayed after running.

You may try closing all the windows of NAV and then run the command again for running page.

Is NAV2009 part of university curriculum or are you talking about Microsoft certifications?

Another thing that you may be interested in is following post:

Which will enable you to run Report/ XMLPort / Page from RTC like in Object Designer in classic client.

Hi dhan,

how can I check my NAV version.

I’m planning to do Microsoft certifications.

the page number that i try to run is 50003.

but it runs 50012- i can’t see this page in my object designer( set of pagers disappeared from my object designer including this.)


It seems like that your object designer has a filter. Give a call I am in adelaide 0432265251 - hector or send me email to


From within NAV Database : Help>> About Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

Open the object Designer, and Press Show All button on top of it or (Shift+ Ctrl+F7)