Run a NAV Logic from within Excel

OK - here is the scenario that a customer threw at me today.

They have a spreadsheet that they enter in journal data, that they currently use an Excel Macro to create a Flatfile from. They then open up NAV and run a dataport to pull that data in. this seems to be too many steps for them and they want to just push that button in Excel and have the data pushed into NAV.

Any ideas to get me started on this? I am presuming that this will be a webservice run from the button to fire off logic to read the worksheet into the Excel Buffer, but I defer to the groups superior experience.

Please advise.

Hi Darren,

Yes it might be quite a few steps. But I would say “Don’t fix it - if it works!”.

And yes, there might be many other and much “smarter” ways to do where you use webservices, odbc, c/front or maybe a few other ways. But basically they will take quite a lot of time to do, both for analysis, development, setup, test, training and documentation. Often what it will save the customer compared to what it costs will basically not be fair, if it will take the customer 2-3 years before the saved time is worth the cost.

Keep it simple!


If you still want to fix it if it works… [;)]

Read this: How-to: Get Edit In Excel R2 Up and Running

Look at report 81 Import Budget From Excel it shows how Navision reads excel and loads into Nav.

I made one similar for a separate function and it works great.