Rugby world cup

Who will win the Rugby World Cup?? [8D] Couldn’t fit all the teams in… Sorry… Feel free to comment…

Rugby ?? All I know about rugby can be written on the backside of a stamp …

I feel missing out the past two losing finalists and Englands semi-final opponents FRANCE is an oversight [:D]

I’m not an expert on Rugby, and its many years since I’ve played the game, but still, I would have thought that you could have reduced the list to “Australia” and “New Zeland” and still cover all the options.

Sincerely think SA will win, so why in heaven did I vote All Blacks? /* runs to mirror to check if LG still is in this body

Australia…? Nah, haven’t heard of the place. The Brits are on form this season and you can never rule out the South African’s. The All Black’s have the weakest kicker they have had in years and it now looks like Tana Umaga is out, so things could look good for the other sides, even (dare I say it) Australia. Go the All Blacks!!!

Australia were atrocious against Argentina, there were more dropped balls than a 13 year old birthday party. On current form I think its got to be The Poms or France although I reckon a couple of dollars on Ireland as a dark horse would be worth it.

It’s got to be us Poms. We have got the best w’eve for a long time and in Wilko we have the best Kicker in the world.

I can see Akers is attempting to surpass the infamous Jaffa Cake thread and the Best Beer thread. 7 now 8 replies in one day, the world cup is on for 42 days, therefore 42 * 7 = 294 replies. Very shallow my friend. [:D]

The Jaffa Cake thread will always reign supreme in quality if not quantity of posts… Hmm, in the time I’ve known Akers he’s never expressed an interest in rugby, I have to say…

Dude I love the rugby… Not as much as the footy… Well okay… I think it’s any excuse to get together with some mates and have a piss up while shouting at the TV. I like football (soccer…) more because you get a better turn out… Come on you mighty LEEDS!! [;)]

Surprised nobody thought Georgia would win the rugby world cup!! ROFL! [}:)]

The All Blacks will win, of course. Don’t forget this is a grudge match for us - we would have been co-hosting it but for some behind the scenes skulduggery! The motivation is there, we have the players to do the job, unlike England we haven’t peaked too early. All we need to do now is to convince the coach to bring back Andrew Mehrtens! If we don’t win I wouldn’t bother trying to contact anyone in New Zealand for at least a month, we’ll be in mourning and probably quite rude to foreigners, especially if they play rugby. Go the ABs!

I thought it was mainly New Zealands fault that they didn’t get to host any of it - as (some people tell me per usual! [B)]) they wanted things all their own way, but couldn’t get it… [:0] Has anybody who knows Kristian Bara ever noticed how much he looks like Marcelle the Monkey from Friends?! [}:)]

Ah well that depends on who you ask… certainly there are some in our rugby union who deserve to end up at the bottom of a ruck for the way they handled it. As for wanting it all their own way, isn’t that a good description of the IRB’s approach? You guys have probably heard one or two versions of the story about this debacle - spare a thought for us poor kiwis who have to choose between dozens of versions[:(]! Anyway all that matters now is that we get some good rugby, regardless of who wins (yeah, right!)

I doubt if they would be able to keep Mehrtens off the P*ss for that many weeks would they? I’m personally looking forward to the titanic clash between Georgia and Uruguay.

Hey, he only needs to be sober on the day of the game. Apparently there is a ban on sex before the game, a man’s got to relieve the stress somehow!


I’m personally looking forward to the titanic clash between Georgia and Uruguay.


I am from South Africa but think that New Zealand should have won the world cup, but sadly they are out now :-< . (Ofcourse I wanted SA to win but I am being realistic). NZ have played the best rugby over the last 4 years and are always unlucky that they peak all the time except when a world cup is on. I was almost supporting England but have been dissapointed at how arrogant they are. Go australia - keep rugby domination to the Southern hemisphere…

How have England been arrogant?