RTC NAV 2009 SP1 List Page on Current Record ....

i am trying to pop message on select of every current record .

steps .

  1. Deapartment >> Sales & marketing >> Order Processing >> Sales Quotes - sales quote list
  2. select 1001 - pop up message
  3. select 1002 - pop up message

note : not on init() , open() as it get called on open of the list page.

if i put the code in onnext () & ongetrecord() - the navision filter doesn’t work it shows the last record in the list page

Kindly advise

Why would you want to pop up a message on the selection of each record in the list?

Theres a few things here.

  1. I think that what you are trying to do will annoy your users… I know I would get annoyed

  2. I don’t think you are going to be able to get the desired result with some simple coding; so what are you trying to achieve and lets see if there is an alternative solution?

Tony you are right that will be annoying… messsage was an example … [8-|]

i am working on auto sync…as the record 1001… 1002 … 1003 is selected … nav should sync with interface embbled client …

usualy we sync on push of button but now i would like to do on select of record

Kindly advise

note : looking for event that happen on selection of record or any work around

What are you syncing with?

Normally when I need to sync a record with something else (another NAV record, an external system) I would do that on the OnModify (OnDelete) trigger of the table… however any code that modifes that record with out a “true” will not get caught.

Give us some more details of what type of Sync you are trying to acheive and we can no doubt come to a better solution.


Tony ,

here we go …

I have already done on Onmodify trigger of that table that feature we call as AUTO SAVE…

Auto Sunc … is

We have Nav ComInterface … Which usually estalbliash connection on first time click of button… The Embbled Client open up we capture info from ERP…through .Net & nav Coding

Sales Quote :

1001 - click button - related info is captured. (opened for 1001) -( note auto save happens if any change is done existing data- user won’t experinece that )

1002 - click button - related info is captured - (1002)

we wanna avoid click of button - once the connection is done we need to sync with Nav comInterface

on open/init of form & page is done

we are focusing on

  1. select of record in list page…

  2. sales quote page open 2 times

1005 page - on active sync

1007 page - on active sync


NAV is not really set up to fire off the kind of logic you are looking for at the action points you need.

“What” are you trying to sync when someone changes focus, and why?



I am done with Classic , RTC pages has no Active Trigger…

Auto Sync is Customers requirement … if no Active Trigger then i have look for some other work around…


I think the point I am driving at is that your requirment appears to be that if a user “touch’s” a record it fires off a sync… i.e. that cursor on to a record in a list and then move on to the next record…

But I don’t get the purpose of that. Surely you would only want to sync if a user has made a modification to data in some way…

But I could be misunderstanding your requirements hence why I keep asking more questions :wink:


Thanks Tony,

yes you are right we want to sync on the move of cursor ie select on each record… (on page side/form side…)

form side - classic is done

if user does any modification … if will be an autosave… onmodify trigger (table side)

you are welcome with questions as it may give solution for my sync …[:P]



Finally we used factBox pages in RTC :slight_smile:

Hi sam,

probably you can try to run a routine on close page and check whch all records were modified wen the page was opened… and then sync them with which ever table you would like to do…



thanks Anil,

we are done it using factBox , As on select of each recordfactoBox get changed … so created a new factBoc .

Wrote Code of Sync on OnAftergetRecord of FactBox .