Rplication is not done if sending from sql data to native database

  • HI,

  • We are using Navision with LS retail. IN stores we are using native database and in HO sql server database. While replicating from store(native database) to sql database it is coming without any problem. We are using our user license. While replicating from sql data to native database it is not happening. Is it the default error or license issue? Please tell me the solutions.

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Hi Sasidhar,

In LSRetail, you can test the connection from store to HQ, and from Hq to stores in the distribution locations. When you test the connection you will get error messages. What is the error message? Also check the event viewer from computer management. That will give you a clearer picture of what error you are getting.

You need to configure distribution locations in both databases in the HQ and Stores, and test the conneciton form each database.

HI Jordi,

Thanks for your reply. I have already tested that. I am getting problem for ILE which is having linked tables 339 Item Application and 335 Ledger Entry Dimension. The problem is arising with 339 and the other schedule job for Detailed Customer Ledger. The remaining Items,Customers master,G/l entries value entry etc. But for the above two jobs are not replicating.

Please give me sugestion for this.



If problem is there is the 339T then try creating seperate scheduler Job for 339T and then replicate.See what error/message is coming in the log of Scheduler Job.Send 339 T - Item Application Entry with Linked table as 32 ILE Set the From Table Filters (From Dist. Location - To Location as option).

Like to know why you want to replicate 339T to Stores any specific reason?