routings in Production order

hi all,

can u help me out in this…i have attached a production bom for a manufacturing item in its item card but not routing… i have created a production order for this item and posted the consumption journal but while posting output journal its asking routing number…so i cant create a production order without a routing…so is it mandatory for every production order that there should be a routing…

any reply wuld be appreciated


Isn’t necessary to have routing to use manufacturing.
To confirm that, I have created an Manufacturing Order, a new Production BOM and with output journal posted output.

I think that you have defined in item card routing No.

Hi! Satya,

Use production journal instead. I am sure it will solve your problem.



Hi Satya,

Use production journal instead, i am sure it will solve your problem.



thanks for ur replu

actually for the company which m working want to create inventoy pick…so if inv. pick is generated then there is no need of posting production journal…so we have to post output in this case to update the finished product…so without attaching routing can i post the output journal…but in the output it will ask for routing number…so help me out in this…


Would you mind telling us the settings in more detail?

The item has no routing, but how is the BOM constructed? You created the pick fine and posted consumption - how are you posting the output, through the planning journal or a putaway?

What version are you using?