Routing group? What's mean and how to use it?

Hi All, I have a question for everybody and I hope that I will have the answer as soon as possible

I have to setup the Routing group but I dont know the meaning of Automatic route consumption on general Tab and when we have to use three check box?

i’m learning about AX and I have a lot of question, I hope everybody help me master AX.

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This ties in with how you process the start of a production order, and whether you post the routing journal or not, and then how you post it. You can post it according to the route, and in this case it would look at the routing group to see if you can automatically flush it or not. With SFDC you would have these all set to no as you would never flush the time, it is always real time captured, of you do not use SFDC then the choice is yours and will depend upon the process and business requirements.

There are two case that showed below:

If setup time on automatic route consumption is checked. When the production order finish, if really setup time is greater than the estimated setup time, the system will automatically update the really setup time to calculate the cost price of product? I dont know that is right or wrong? And if really setup time is lower than the estimated setup time, the system will automatically update the estimated setup time to calculate the cost price of product, that’s wrong or right?

If this check box is clear, the setup time which is use to calculate the cost price will equal the estimated setup time, that’s wrong or right?

Maybe my thinking is wrong but I hope you can explain why I’m wrong and give out the answer correct.

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If this is selected AND you automatically post the routing card at start, then the expected time is posted, the system will never know the less or more as you will never record it. There is no automatic updating of the system - how would it know? You have to tell it it took you longer so you are manually doing it.

If the check box is ticked or not the setup time in the route will be used to calculate the cost unless you do not include setup time in the cost calculation. There are two check boxes, consumption and costing, they are independent and different.

To learn create two routes for the same order, one selected one not. Then create two orders, change the route on one, and start them, using automatic consumption and see what happens.

OK, thanks Steven. Now I know the meaning of Routing group