Route in Axapta 3.0

We are in customisation and implementation initial phase for Axapta 3.0. in bill of material we customised fields for position number and operation number for items. here we used split function to breakdown quantity to one and then fill up data per quantity for position and operation. can i use route in spite of split function? how to create standard operation sequence in axapta. (for e.g. three steps for the same item on same Work center) thanks

Hi Manjushree, Try this on the Route card for the bom set in following way Oper. No. Priority Operation Group/Work Center Next Oper. No. 10 Primary Die casting, front Plastic casting group 1 20 20 Primary Die casting, back Plastic casting group 1 30 30 Primary Die casting, center Plastic casting group 1 and please setup the times Now if they are a continous operation ten in link type select Hard so that no time lapse is allowed between the operations. I hope this may help you some what. Please do give me a feed back so that i can too learn. with regards Jai Maharashtra Vaibhav Pednekar