Route Card Journal Has Been Duplicated

Hi All,

My client facing with this issue. How to prevent it? If yes, can I have the step or manual guide? Please help me…

You prevent it by training and control.

In essence someone is probably starting production with it set to always/routing group and then at RAF recreating it with the setting as Always/Routing group. You need a process and set of settings to follow here - or for the operators to understand what they are telling AX to do.

Thanks Adam.

How to set the setting? is it in Production > Setup > Parameter? Hope you can explain in details because I’m new for this module.

It is Production - Periodic - Works Orders

Then “Start” and “Report as Finished” and press the default values button and route card section and the consumption setting.

However this is held by user once they have run it once, so setting it here now has no impact on users already with a local setting, they need to be changed user by user or delete the usage data of the user.

Is it this:

So, i ask user to choose “Never”?

That would depend upon when you create and process the route. If you were to backflush standard it would not be never.

Hi Adam,

what happen if I choose “route group dependant” or “never”? Please advise.

Routing group dependent will determine how this is setup on the routing group against the resource and whether it can automatically consume or not, whilst never never creates one.

ok noted. thanks adam