Rounding options for local currency

Hi All,

We have the rounding options for the foreigncurrency only ( Exchange rate - rounding off) .

Ex : Purchase order amount should round to nearest value and sales order amount should round to nearest values when user created the PO/SO in the local currency.

What about the rounding options for local currency in AX 2009?

Thanks in Advance

Can you throw some light about this ?

You can set the same for the company currency as well in the exchange rates-rounding off tab.

  • Jagadeesh K

Thanks Jagadesh,

You mean to create the curreny code for local curreny and define the rounding off values and there is no seperate rounding off options for local currency.

please correct me if i am wrong ?

Yes, you got it right. we need to set local currency and rounding off values for it.

  • Jagadeesh K

Thanks for the suggestion.