Rounding off - Item line wise

Dear All,

I have set Excise rounding by nearest Re. 1. In NAV it is currently doing rounding off Item line wise.

I am having a variation of 5 Rs. in excise as there are around 8 - 10 lines in all invoices and due to item line wise rounding there is always a variation.

Is it possible to have rounding on Invoice value instead of all item lines. ?

Can any one help me on the same.?



On G/L Setup check

Amount rounding precision

Unit Amount Rounding precision

Inv. Rounding Precision

Excise Rounding Precision

This basic set up has been done.

Question is system is doing rounding off Item line wise and not on gross value of invoice.

Do I require some set up changes apart from above so that system calculates rounding off on gross invoice value instead of doing rounding off all item item line wise.?



Look for Invoice Rounding in Sales & Receivables Setup