Rounding issue on PO line

We buy parts in large quantity but unit price is very low. Example would be:

PO line for 1,000 washers @ $0.025 (2.5 cents each). Total should be $250.

When we enter the PO line, AX would round the unit price to $0.03 (3 cents). Total then become $300.

AP then is unable to vouch vendor’s invoice, because of the price discrepancy. Question is how can we tell AX to accept 3 or 4 decimal pricing, rather than rounding them. Or what have others done to solve this issue?


Hi tony, I have seen in this situation that some times the price field was modified to accept more decimals.

Instead of that, I would recomend to change the purchasing unit of measure, so in the example you gave you would need to change the purchasing unit of measure from units to KU (thousand units) -dont forget to check if you have the conversion factor (1 KU = 1000 un / 1000 un = 1 KU) the you will state in the purchase order the quantity of 1 KU (1000 units) at a price of $250.

If you need to purchase 500 units, then it would be 0.5 KU at a price of $125.

Hope it helps you

Also in the trade agreement and on the purchase line there is the price unit, so you can tell AX it is $250 per thousand, then it calculates the other way, so if you order 500 it will be $125, it just looks odd in the unit price if you do not see the price unit field as well.

Great suggestion. That works for us. Now one more question…

Item cost $16.67/each. We order 12 on the PO line. Total line is 200.04.

Vendor invoice us only $200. Again, because of price mismatch, we can’t vouch. What is the recommendation for this?

Thanks again,

You set up vendor tolerances and process matched invoices - there is nothing as standard stopping you posting the invoice for $200 when the receipt was $200.04