Rounding errors w/ Add'n Reporting Currency

We are a USD company w/ an Additional Reporting Currency in CDN $. We have Addn’ Reporting currency turned on in GL Setup. We are using Navision 3.7b. We are coming across problems w/ Gen Journals not posting because it is out by a penny due to rounding. We want to enter in CDN $ and let Navision calculate the USD equivalent. The problem I believe is that it is the USD side of the entry that is actually out by a penny. We try to manipulate the US side by manipulating the exch rate but am finding this does not work very well. I have also tried adjusting the rounding precision fields but it does not appear to help. Does anyone have any suggestions to better deal w/ rounding errors. We come across this problem with Recurring & regular General Journal entries. Thanks, Sharon.

Hi Sharon, did you try button Functions > Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines ? It inserts a line in your LCY (USD) to balance the transaction, well … I never use it in system where the additional reporting currency is turned on. Before using it you have to set up the account to use, you do it in currency table: General Ledger\Setup\General\Currencies select CDN $ record and insert the account in fields: Conv. LCY Rndg. Debit Acc. Conv. LCY Rndg. Credit Acc. You could also test it adding the line manually. The line must be inserted in your local currency with the amount needed to balance the transaction (0,01 or -0,01).