Rollback, Reconciliation, and Auto Archive - Need your suggestions

Hi all,

We are trying to analyze all aspects of migration from MS-GP to Ax-2009/ 2012. The below given are the points expected out of AX.

• Support for roll-back to initial state if a process is killed (transaction management)
→ When data are pushed into the AX Database with the help of Webservices.
→ Not always the processes succeed in pushing the data.
→ Can the transactions done till the point of process termination be rolled back.
→ One way is to use transaction tracking system (tts).
→ More inputs, suggestions are welcome.
• Reconciliation performance (as compared to GP)
→ How much time is required to reconcile inventory of 2000 SKUs in AX.
• Auto archival feature
→ To avoid the performance issues, which arise over a period of time because of data piling up, can the data of AX be set to Auto Archive mode. Or any other method available to have data archived.

Please share your experiences, suggestions in order to have them accessible to all who are seeking for the answers.