Roles & Permission | Read Permission as Indirect/Yes

Dear Sir

I have created two Role

  1. One for Read the Item Master ( Form ID. 30) (also considered the required objects in this role)
  2. Two for Indirect Read permission to the Tabledata Item Ledger Entry table (Table ID. 32)
    And assign these two roles to a user1. Now User1 can able to Open the Form ID 30.
    If I remove the Role no. 2 then User1 can not able to open the Form ID 30.

    Now I have created the same scenario again…for creation of Sales Order (SO)
    I have created two Roles
  3. One for Creation of Sales Order. Here I have considered the required object level permission.
  4. two for Indirect Read Permission for the Sales & Receivables Setup Tabledata (ID 311).
    Now I have assigned these two role to user2. But user2 can not able to create the Sales Order. He is facing the below error message…
    " You do not have the Read permission for the Sales & Receivables Setup table"

    What is the reason behind this error message ? kindly explain if possible…
    Thank you.

Hi Subrata,

You need to add the read permission to the “Sales & Receivable Setup” table to the object reading the table. Only this way the InDirect permission will work. You set this permission under the objects base properties (the same place you setup the objects name and captions etc.).