Role Center in AX Client

Two part question, both probably very easy…

  1. Used to be when we started AX Client, it would default to opening in Role Center every time. We changed EP servers, and now the client defaults to whatever menus were open when the client was last closed. How do we go back to starting up in Role Center?

  2. How do you manually open Role Center in AX Client? We were able to get to it in the past because it was the first thing that came up. I assume there is a way to open it, as needed, from the client, right? (Without opening a web browser)


  • Brad

Hi Brad,

Have a look under Administration → Setup → Internet → Enterprise portal → Web sites. I guess the sites (if you see any) point to the old server. To confirm, click on the ‘view in browser’ button.

In case if it is pointing to the old server, then delete them and register them again correctly pointing to the new server. You might want to do this from the new web server.

Hope this helps,