I am looking to create context sensitive help in 3.6 and am wondering if anyone has used robohelp (or anything else) to do this? Also, which version is required for the creation of basic help files? I’m looking at Robohelp for html help X3. Thank you, dcollins

Hi dcollins, I have used Robohelp for creating context sensitive help,though it was not successful as i got stuck up in creation of GATE text for which we use object file wizard,the mater is still pending with NTR yet.

Isn’t there a help creation tool on the product cd?

We use (pilot stage) a tool created by the dutch MBSCO. It is completely written in Navision. You can create topics (Table, TableFields, Report, Overview… etc), edit them and after that… Just push the F11 button to create your help files. No Robohelp needed. Easy to use. Kind regards, Willy

That sounds really interesting. Would really appriciate to hear som more about that tool! /Lars

Thank you to all who have replied, your leads have been helpful. To Willy Exterkate, if you are able to provide more information regarding the pilot stage product you mentioned, it would be greatly appriciated. I have not been able to turn up any information about it. Thank you in advance, dcollins

I would be very interested in this. This whole RoboCop thing is a nightmare. Still I come from the NAvision days where the entire Help creation process was done in a text editor.

For creating help in Navision we refer NAvision Online Help Guide,its an PDF whic comes with product CD.It Mentions all thing regarding help creation right from setting to be done in RoboHelp. Product CD also has many tools which are required such as Object File Wizard and Create Topic (Both are macros). But the whole procees is very complicated,i tried it for 2 days but stuck up in between. This tool sounds very interesting and will be a great help… waiting for further information abt it … Smile, Rajesh

Well, let me give you some more information. The tool is called C/Help. You can set up several Help Projects. By importing a Navision Translation file topics can be created automatically (Table, Tablefields, Reports, Forms, etc). Of course you can add topics (e.g. Overviews). Topics can be edited with any HTML editor. If you edit a topic it is checked out, this means not available for other users. If you create field help, it automatically includes a link to the table. If you create Table help, it also contains a link to all the fields of the table. It is also possible to link to standard Navision topics. After you did all the writing a Help file can be created. This will result in two files addin_a.chm and addin_a.hh. These two files must be placed in the language directory of the client. For the end user it will look like one integrated help file. The Dutch MBSCO knows that a lot of people are waiting for a tool like this. They are looking for a way to distribute the tool without being responsible for support (their priority is with the coming 3.70 release). But I suppose this forum can be a big help in that. I will keep you informed. Best regards, Willy

Are there any news about the C/Help Tool ? Is it available already ? I tried to find the homepage of MBSCO but couldn’t get a result. It might be also interesting whether Microsoft wants to make some efforts on their own Help Tool for Navision. Maybe it is planned to do something with the next release. Best regards

HI All, This all sounds very cool. But it looks that no one have a solution for this…I have done uptill Robo help but i stuck up in the Gate.doc… If any one gets any information then please let all of us know.

Did anyone look at the possibility to add company notes to the help function? This is standard functionality, at lease in 3.70…

For the Dutch people: You can find it at partnerguide Product Download - Miscellaneous - Utilities & Examples - C/Help. I will try to contact the Dutch Country office tomorrow to see what can be done for the rest of the world. We just finished our add-on Help (More than 5000 topics) with the C/Help tool. The result is a perfectly integrated on-line help.

I contacted the Dutch MBSCO. They promised me they would put it somewhere on the partnerguide / partnersource soon.