Rich Text Format Functionality

Dear friends, I have’t seen any information regarding Rich Text format in the Navision Developer Forum. I don’t know how to approach to solve this problem.We are in the process of developing a message board where Rich Text Format is very important. I can’t go in the line of OCX concepts as Navision doesn’t supports Graphical OCX’s. Is there any information regarding RTF functionality to decide my working direction.Please put ur advices and information (if u have any)to take up this task from scratch… With Regards, Raja Sekhar Venumala

You can store RTF in BLOB fields - but to display on a Navision form, all formatting will have to be stripped. The latest version of the product contains a 1k text field - we find that you can show a reasonable amount of info using that. In short, you need to use an OCX that fires up an external window that you can then import into the DB.

You could try the product “cc|formatted documents”. It’s a solution from a leading microsoft dynamics partner: