RFQ creation against the Procument category

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Is it not possible to create the RFQ when the purchase requisition is created withe procurement category only ?

( As we know that PR can be created against Procurement category and Item code is blank )

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I would want a quote from my supplier against a specific item, if it was generic I would have a generic item for this, but it will give you issues when you order it later as you would then use a different item. I have no issue with this as it seems logical, but of course there will be businesses that want this, but then it is a customization.

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Why AX has the option Purchase requisition can be created against the procurement category ?

What would be business scenario to the purchase requisition against the Procurement category ?

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To allow end users who are not familiar with the exact item numbers to request a generic part, purchasing then define this into a real item through the requisition process.

Could you tell me at which stage and which document user can change generic to exact item number ?

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It will depend upon the requisition to purchase process of the business.

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Could you explain more about this ?

Not really because it depends upon you mapping the process your customer wants to what AX can do.