RFID scanning

Please help me with RFID setup and config in AX 2012 R3

Looking positive responce.

Jatan, if you have any particular problem, please let us know what it is.
If you’re looking for documentation, I think the best starting point is training material for course 80544A (Warehouse management system in AX 2012 R2). Module 5 is all about RFID.

Thanks Martine for reply.

I have gone through it but I have one question related to RFID server. Do we required biztalk RFID server or any further set up require?

Yes, you need an RFID server. I’ve never used this functionality by myself, but I see that the source code uses .NET assemblies of BizTalk RFID.

Thanks Martine.

Only one question Biztalk REFID server means should I install BIZtalk server?

Thansk Once again.

You need BizTalk RFID, not BizTalk Server as such. Please refer to BizTalk RFID documentation for more information.