Rework process in manufacturing?

Dear All,

What is the rework process in production?

one product has been produced, transfer to other location, now the product has been returned for some rework.

e.g. Item A, component X,Y,Z
now Z component need to be change in A item,
How the same process can be handle in NAV

I tried to made a new version BOM of A item, component A & Z, but system is notr allowing a same item as a component.
pleaes suggest.

Jai Verma

I took this from Mibuso. Rework is not a strong part of Navision IMHO.

Create another production order for the finished goods item.
Set the prod order quantity to the quantity which needs rework and start the refresh prod. order batch.
You can then change the routing lines to the routings you need for the rework if you want to post additional needed machine/work center capacity(and therfore capacity costs).
After that go to the component lines, remove them and add the finished goods item as component with most likely a quantity per of 1. (You could add additional component items for the rework process)
You can then post the prod. order using the production journal. In the production journal show the column applies-to entry. In the line for the consumption posting choose the production output item ledger entry which needs the rework.
This step makes sure that you consume the original output item ledger entry(which needed rework) and its value and transfer it to the new output item ledger entry including the additional capacity and material costs.
After that you can set the status of the prod. order to finished and you shouldn’t get an error with you inventory valuation or the adjusts costs batch job.(works for 5 SP1)