Rework on items

Hi all!

How can I manage this scenario: My customer buys item A from Supplier X, item B from supply Y and item C from supplier Z. After all receiving , he must send item A, item B and item C to another supplier who does some work on those items and charges XXX amount for that job.


  1. Use Purchase Order to buy items.
  2. Transfer order to another location called REWORK
  3. When the item is complete, transfer it back to your warehouse
  4. When the vendor invoice comes, use Item Charge and allocate the cost to the items that you received from step 3.

Easy, eh?

Is the additional work then used as part of the manufacturing process?

You can use also manufacturing, Navision supports subcontracting in Manufacturing.

Thanks guys for your input!

I think that I will use Alex suggestion. No The item will not use in the manufacturing area.