Revision Control in AX 2009, Same part number, different revision

Using AX 2009. Our products are static (no color, size, style options to select during order entry).

We would like to know how to track different revisions without changing the part number.

I looked into “Item Configuration” options, but these seem to be more for “Build to Order” items where the sales rep will select the style, color, size during order entry.

I looked into creating a BOM list for each revision which I thought did it. It tracks start/end date and different list of parts. The BOM List name can be the revision number. Bossman denied this option as it isn’t called “Revision” and isn’t as he would like it to be presented. he is convinced there has to be a “Revision” identifier.

If I have to rename an Item Dimension “Revision”, how would this link to a different Bill of Materials? Maybe it wouldn’t? Maybe add revision# to separate field and then also “activate” the newer BOM which has the revision number in it?

Potential Process?:

1 - Create Item, Add revision# to modified field, & create Bill of Materials. BOM title=PartNumber_rev1

2 - When update made. Update revision# & create a 2nd Bill of Materials list titled “PartNumber_rev2”

Is this the best way or what can I tell my boss are really the only/best options?

A question would be how do you want to use this revision in the system overall… Do you need to track or keep history of transactions per revision (in this case, it seems you need to use an item dimension here) ?

Example: We make product-A will Bill of Materials-A. We change a component which changes the cost/included items (BOM).

The customer orders the same part number. So, we need a separate identifier. I created different BOM lists to reflect each revision, but this isn’t linked to an item dimension.

I thought about doing what I did with different BOM’s and renaming an item dimension, but they won’t be linked. I just need to name the BOM in a way that people will know.

Is that true?

You need to define a product dimension to cost and track it properly, rename colour to version and then stock and transact by version of the same number but with a unique identifier. It depends upon the critical nature of the version, you could just do it by BOM version, but then you cannot “see” what version you have in stock - costing would still work if you batch controlled and costed by batch as an example.

Our revisions are usually replacement models and won’t be sold at the same time. Outdating one BOM and Starting a new one under the original part number works, but how to identify and track. I will think about the last reply a little more and how it would work for us. thank you for your time.