Reversing General Ledger Journals

Ok, a simple one I know, but my mind has turned to play-doh and I can’t remember how to reverse a GL journal in full… Better yet, anyone know how to amend a journal once its been posted? Help!! [:I]

Well you need to process a journal for the reverse amounts. Hope its not a huge one! Is that too simple an answer? Sorry you really should not amend a posted journal, breaks all sorts of rules I believe. Reverse it out - you have an audit trail and the same result.

Steven I have already done the manual and labourious reversal on this one, but was hoping to avoid such fun things in future. I dn’t really want to know how to amend a posted journal, I’m an audit trained accountant and so tend to get shirty when people try that!! [:)] Rgds Mark

Hi Mark From this perspective prevention is better than cure. Get them trainined to post the journal correct first time - it saves on the laborious reversal of it!

Hi Mark The only real way of getting this done is through a mod. I have heard that version 4 may have something similar to the reverse entries function in Fixed Asset, available in G/L, not sure if this is true, does anyone know? Cheers Peter

Yep, version 4.0 comes with reversal posting. Navision will find all related entries (such as VAT) and reverse them for you.

I’d heard something similar myself. Have MBS given an indication yet as to the proposed roll-out for v4.0?

The last indicator we had from MBS was that the UK local version would be out in the last quarter of 2004.