Reverse Table Finder

Hello all,

We have eOne Smartlist Builder, which comes with the table finder inside GP. That works fantastic for hunting down a table that is used on a certain window, but what if I have a table that I don’t know the window in GP? Anyone know how to find all the windows for a given table?

Any insight would be appreciated!

Hi @ChrisG

This would not be a totally complete list as it would not cover the usage of the table in other dictionaries, but it would be a good start.

You can use GP Power Tools Resource Information window to open directly to the window, but as this is a window in the built in Resource Descriptions functionality you can get to the window manually too.

Go to Tools >> Resource Descriptions >> Tables. Use the … button to locate the table and once displayed, click on the Usage button and it will display the forms and reports, the table is used on.


David Musgrave MVP
Winthrop Development Consultants

The next build of GP Power Tools will have the Table Usage functionality, it unlike the standard window it will work across multiple dictionaries and show you all of the forms and reports where a table is used. The code is already written and available for beta testers.