Reverse posted invoice without reversing item receipt?


Our general purchasing procedure is to receive items using the purchase order and then at a later date enter the invoice as a purchase invoice and use the “Get Receipt Lines” function to pull all the relevant already received lines onto the invoice. This has been working great for us and keeps the invoice entry completely separate from receiving (the folks entering invoices don’t have any clue about receiving - they just want to enter invoices).

The problem now is that we posted an invoice on the wrong date and need to fix it. Normally this would be done by creating a credit memo and using the copy document function to copy the posted invoice and reverse it. The issue is that when we do this the items that were received independently of the invoice posting are also being reversed! In effect it requires that we recreate the original PO, receive the lines again, and then enter the invoice correctly. This might be acceptable for a simple order, but many of our orders have 40+ items on them all with item tracking information.

I discovered the “Return Shipment on Credit Memo” option in Purchases & Payables Setup but all it seems to affect is whether a posted shipment document is created or not. Either way the items are still reversed out of inventory.

So, is there a way to reverse the invoice without reversing the receipt of the items?

Any ideas?

Using Credit Memo the answer is NO - Navision by design doesn’t allow it.

Vendor balance created by Invoice could be adjusted thru GL Journal (using Type=Vendor), but the “correct” Invoice then can’t contain any Items, ONLY the affected GL Accounts directly, otherwise twice the Qty of Items will be received, but I suppose you need a “normal” Invoice with Items, so this will not work for you.

PS Devin - I’m still alive despite you haven’t heard from me for 6 months. I was offline here, too, for a long time…

Modris is correct, using credit memo will reverse the item transactions. However you don´t need to go through PO, you can enter invoice directly, the effect will be the same and when you use copy document, the item trackning information will also be copied.

So in the case, enter credit memo - copy the invoice and post it. Enter new invoice, copy the first invoice and post it.

Okay so I use Credit Memo to reverse the incorrect invoice (using Copy Document on Posted Invoice to create the Credit Memo). This will also reverse the item transactions. Then I enter the correct invoice also using Copy Document and this time it will receive and invoice the items at the same time. The downside of this route is now our items are received on the wrong date (most likely) since the invoice date is almost certainly different from the received date. Perhaps I should just create a new PO also using the Copy Document and receive the items again on the same date as the first time around. Then invoice can be entered as normal but correctly this time. I will play around with this (in our TEST database of course :)).

Here’s another hypothetical question for you. What would happen if one of the items (with Item Tracking Code) on the original receipt has since been consumed by an assembly order or sold to a customer? Would it even let me post the Credit Memo in the first place? With a non serial/lot tracked item I can see this working - it would just go into negative inventory if needed, but I don’t think that would work for a tracked item?


Hmm, okay so after a bit of playing around it seems that when creating the corrected invoice, the Copy Document function does NOT copy the item tracking lines. It does for the Credit Memo but I can’t get it to do the same for the new Invoice or PO (I tried both methods). Am I missing something here? Or is this a bug? I also tried copying the original Purchase Receipt instead of the Purchase Invoice but it made no difference. No Item Tracking Lines are being copied.

It’s by design for CopyDocument NOT to copy tracking data to new PO - because normally CopyDoc is used to fasten data entry for similar transactions, and if tracing data were copied, too, it could result in duplicate serials.

With CM, however, it is just what is needed, to return the Items with those exact serials as was received, and that for tracking data is copied.

Alright, I guess that makes sense. I’ll just have to live with manually entering the serial numbers again. And I think I’ll go the PO route so that the receipt dates remain correct.

Any thoughts on the hypothetical question?