reverse finished production order has wrong quantity

Hi guys i make finished production order his quantity 30 and after it convert it from release to finish i realized that i write wrong quantity what i do to reverse this finished production order and how i will remove it cost from accounting

please help me


Navision does not provide a function to reverse wrongly post production order

You have to post negative quantity to all the consumption and output items in the production order

You need to use Production Journal for doing the same .

Don’t forget to select Applies to entry field for correct result.

As well as you can look at this link

Now if i go to item journal then add positive adjustment to reverse consumption then add negative adjustment to reverse output

Are this enough to give me true result

I create new order with consumption negative (it will show in item ledger entry positive) this i make already but the problem is when i go output then select order then write out put quantity by negative

it give me error “applies entries not must be 0”

Yes that will also do …

I have one request if possible please in website you give me about Microsoft i don t understand this line

2-Post at least one quantity of output by using either the Output Journal or the Production Journal.