Reversal of transfer order


Please give suggestions about the feasibility of reversal of transfer order.

As in transfer order, system wont allow to do posting with less than 0 qty, so we can not directly do posting with -ve qty with opposite warehouses.

Any suggestion is appreciable

There is no separate option for the reversal of a transfer order…

You need to make another transfer for that…

Hi Kranthi,

Yes, there is no option for the reversal of transfer order in standard Ax.

I consider this option also, to create seperate Transfer order for reversal, but in that case, i have to maintain the reversed transfer order also.

Also, if the transfer order is only at shipment level, then i think, i need to first receive that and then create another transfer order OR manipulate the original transfer order with opposite warehouses and then do the shipment/receive again. But I think, it will create problem with Inventory transactions.

What u say…

Well there is the obvious reversal, if you ship it from A to B you can reverse it by creating a new one from B to A.

Once it is shipped you must receive it, it is in-transit. If the user has got as far as picking it and shipping it and then realising it is wrong then the best thing to do is receive it and then load a new one to bring it back (or process a transfer journal)