Reversal of journal entry on a future date

Hi Nav Expert

I’ve read that once the GL identified to be reversed, we will just click Functions → Reverse. Then, we will now use the reverse transaction entries window to reverse (undo) mistaken postings that we have made in a journal. Thus, we cannot change the information in the fields on the line, except description field, if relevant.

Now, is there other way that we can change posting date once we reverse transaction?

Please advice.

You can change the posting date from back end but it will surely have impact on your reporting part.

Hi Amol

So, the important is the reporting data but maybe there’s a way.

Yes there’s way to change it from backend but take care of reporting …

If you’ve made a Journal Entry that posted to the Ledger with the wrong Posting Date, the textbook method for resolving this issue is to create a new Journal Entry exactly as the original, posting date and all, and with the sign of the amount being opposite of the original incorrect entry. Post that Journal, and at that point the Ledger will look as though the transaction(s) never took place as they negate each other.

Now, create another Journal with the correct amount and Posting Date and post that.

Once you start making edits directly to any of the ledger entry tables, you have blown the audit trail and made your auditor’s hair spontaneously spark on fire. Ledgers are not supposed to be written to by any means other than posting routines.

I wold make a backup of your problem company, restore it to your test database, and test this series of reversing and re-entering transactions to see whether it solves you problem. If it does, then repeat the process in the production database.

Just my thoughts on the subject. You will probably hear others.



George’s method is the correct way of solving the problem.