Reusing the Scrap as inventory - Navision

I am having problem in defining the scrap as a raw material back again for some other production order… [:S]

The scenario is like my customer is into manufacturing of stickers. Roll of paper used for making these stickers which would be cut in to make the optimum use of it. The times when the scrap left out of these Paper Rolls is considerably big in size & hence can be used again for the production of some other smaller size stickers back again…This will never be in proper dimensions for the system to identify automatically as a raw material.

How do I handle this type of scrap? Do I have to keep creating the items in my item master with different dimensions? I will end up with the huge item list which I might not be able to use any more in future! [:(]

Please suggest how can this be handled in an efficient way!

From accounting point of view the scrap is already written off as production expenses, the same with Inventory.

If you need to return some still usable scrap back to Inventory, you can do it through Inventory positive adjustments with zero cost, but yes, you need a fictitious ItemNo to do that. Anyway, it will cause difficulties in planning of further production - the staff must “remember” they can look for some non-standard sized raw materials, too.