Return to Vendor

Hi All - How are most people processing Return to Vendors in such a way that inventory, GL and AP are all accounted for? Thanks, George

Hi, By using the return item purchase order type - everything stays in sync? Rgds

Hi Casey! To make a return to vendor transaction you can do in 3 ways. 1. Create a new purchase order with negative quantity 2. Create a new purchase order with purchase order type of Returned Items 3. Create a credit note based on existing purchase order using Function button → Create credit note After that do the posting packing slip and then your inventory will be automatically deducted. based on your setting you can determine whether the packing slip posting will post to ledger or not. If you set to post to ledger account then it will affect the ledger account balances. after that do the invoice posting. this will reduce your payable to vendor and will reduce the inventory value financially. Of course the invoice posting will update your ledger accounts. Hope this help!

Hi Is it possible to return a particular item based inventdim in a multiple Quantity scenario. Can we invoice selected inventDim (like serial number) instead of the order of creation? For Eg 3 rd item out of 7 Qty based on serail # Thanks in advance

Hi Jayson, It is possible to return an item based on inventdim such as serial number. when you return the item, just pick the item and select the serial number that you want to return. after you post, the item with that serial number will be automatically deducted. in your purchase order form, use the Inventory button → Pick Hope this help!