Return Stock (BOM)

Hi everyone,

I just want to ask, when is the best time to return an excess raw materials during production? I mean, for example: The user runt the Production order to Report as finished, however she found out that there is an excess materials that needs to be return to inventory, so she created picking list and posted it. The question is, does she needs to run report as finished again? Another scenario, what if during the Production Order has started, she created another picking list to return the excess materials, does she has to run the “Start” status again? and why?

Please bear with me guys, i need to implement the production module on our client and i need to make sure that what i’m doing/saying is right…

Thank you in advance

Part of the answer depends upon when consumption takes place. Assuming it is prior to the return no she does not have to run RAF again. Similarly no she does not have to run start again, but may want to run the estimation again because the cost of the RAF item maybe impacted by these decisions (posting RAF by actual or estimate) but this will be corrected when the order is ended.