Return Order


How to change the return order line status Received to Expected by the X++ code. Plz, suggest any advice on this.

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Why do you want to do that? What is the status of related inventory transaction?

I want to cancel the return order line in a delivery note but the line nowhere in the delivery note. So I want to do the same process delivery note for the line to change the status Received to Expected.

The related inventory transaction status is Received.

What does that mean?

Changing the status using code may not have impact on the inventory transactions. Have you tried cancelling the packing slip?

My req. cancel the return orders

Return order has 7 lines but sales order delivery note have 6 lines only (I don’t know why the 1-line item missing). I’m done with 6 lines(Canceled successfully) but also they must want to cancel the remaining that 1-line.