Return Order with Item Charge

Hi all, Need your help in explaining Item Charge in Return Orders to me. In our General Posting Setup, we did not key in any COGS account for the Item Charge combination of Business and Product posting group, e.g. Export (business) and Freight (product) combination. We created a Sales Order with a couple of line items and also created an Item Charge for Freight. We posted this SO without any problems. But when we tried to post a Return Order (applied to that particular invoiced document), the system prompted us to specify the COGS account for the above posting group combinations. Shouldn’t the system just reverse the previous transactions? [?] I know by keying in the COGS account will solve the problem but I just need an explanation on why the COGS account is being used during Return Order and not during Sales Order? Could it have something to do with Item Charge Assignment? [?] Any feedback would be great. Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Patrick I ran a quick test through on Cronus and get no errors selling an item with an assigned item charge and then processing a returns order with the same item charge. I am presuming you used the same item charge and assigned it correctly? If you used a different item charge for the freight in then verify the posting groups are set up correctly for it - they are on the charge going out otherwise you would have got hte error on the initial sales invoice. Let me know how you get on

Hi Steven, Thanks for your feedback/testing. I used the same Freight charges for the return order. I think you got it running because your COGS account was setup for the combination of Business & Product posting group (for Freight). I think I will just close this thread. All I have to do is setup the COGS account in posting group setup to get it working again. Thanks for your reply Steven.