Retail/POS Site specific prices by Trade Agreements


i setup the Trade Agreement in AX for Sales of Retail Items site wise, but whenever is try to sell from any site – the Sales Price that i put in Trade Agreement is not reflecting.


1) Two Sites

a) HQ price for this site is 600

b) PK/9 price for this site is 500

2) when i create Sales Order in AX 2009, the prices specified in Trade Agreements come Auto. but when i go to POS and sale the item the price is not coming.

anyone kinldy sort this another puzzzle of Retail.

Hi, Have you run the job N-1040 for the location?

do i have to run job only once for all store OR i setup a price and runn job for only that location ?

Hi Ahsan,

Am also facing the same problem with Trade Agreement in Retail POS. Have you resolved that issue, if resolved please tell me how to do it. thanks in advance.

Have you tried using retail price groups?

Thanks Joost, issue got resolved thanks a lot.