Retail POS Sales Order Prepayment

Within the Sales Orders screen in POS, there is a Prepay sales order button.

In the MS documentation, the button is activated.

In our environment, the button is greyed and not activated.

In Retail HQ, in AX, the prepayment setting is greater than 0.

Obviously there is a setting to activate and inactivate the button. Where is this and how do you do it?



Hi John.

Which version of AX for Retail you are using?

In AX for Retail 2009, On the Retail HQ Parameters / Prepayment tab, what is the Prepayment % defined?

Secondly, after cretaing a Sales Order in Dynamics AX, have you calculated prepayment…i.e. on Sales Order form, go to Functions button / click on Calculate prepayment button.

This will enable the prepayment button on POS.

After this you can check the Parpayment Tab on Sales Order and

Sandeep, that was exactly it!

Thank you for the response. Trying to get answers for AX for Retail 2009 has been challenging.

Thank you again,