Retail Data problem

Hi All aXperts and friends,

I have installed a retail Ax…Everything is done.I have imported data too…In SQL database, all the data is there…But while i am opening ax Retail hQ, there is no data…also in Line level tables like purchLine, VendpackingslipTrans, only one data is coming but not all the data.Y this is happenning…Pls help us as this is urgently needed…i have installed roll up 7 update too…

Hi all,

In Retail Table only Data is not coming…Plz help in this situation…thanks in advance

Hi Enrique,

Please check the kernel version of client and AOS machine. This problem may occur due to version mismatch.

Hi Pranav,

How to check the kernal version? Previously i used Windows Server 2003 and there no error comes…But now, i installed in windows server 2008 R2…


open Ax help ->About Microsoft dynamics Ax. Here we can see kernel version and application version if the code is miss match it will be occurs