Restricting User Access

Hi People, I have a small problem here i need to restrict acces off all users other than the Super User to see the Unit Cost as well as the Unit Cost (LCY) of the Items present or entered in Purchase / Sale / Inventory. I have restricted the access to all users thru System 5330 Tools,Zoom option in the permissions table as NO but still there seems to be a bug here they user can still acess the table by pressing the Key board Shortcut which is Ctrl+F8 can any one tell me how to restrict the Shortcut access to the USERS Regards to all Vishal\

What about the other system permission settings? Do you have System 0 set to yes? PS: The topic is moved from the NF Developer to the NF End User Q forum. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Hi Vishal, I think there is some programming required to show off the unit cost and unit price even the users have access to forms and tables. We have implemented for one of our customers where even user logs into navision but still he will not be able to see unit cost and unit price in any module of navision until he has more access rights. Wajahatullah Khan

Hi, If you don’t want the user to have permission to use the Zoom function. Then you can change the permission for Object type=System and Object-ID 5330 in the permission. Tools/Roles/Permission.