Restricting user access to a specific company

Hi, my company is switching from misc. older systems to Navision 3.7/SQL Option. We will work with 2 separate ‘companies’. Yesterday we tried to restrict access for some users to only one company, but it seems that the only way to manage this is setting all roles of a user to apply explicitely only for this company. When changing the roles to the company, Navision starts updating a lot of tables, which is very time consuming. Is there no easier way to restrict user access for a (single) company?

Try only to change the role ALL Here is the permission reglemented for codeunit 1. Without this right you have no MainMenue

That’s working pretty well, thanks for Your fast answer! But isn’t it just a workaround for the real problem? I tried to ‘trick’ Navision security by starting the client via URL-Link (navison://client/run?..) to direct the user to a speficic form for which he has full access rights in all companies, perhaps overriding the main menue - ok, it didn’t succeed;-) Reply from the client was "You are not allowed to open - mainform - " and a second msgbox "You are not allowed to open - (another form) - ". Hmmmm. Sounds somewhat inconsistent?

just select which company the user has rights to. you should ask your nsc for more details, this is a very simple setup