Restricting the Users not to delete the journals after Journals are been posted

Hi All,

Please find below scenario with respect to Inventory & production order journal posting in AX 2009

  1. Provided access rights to the Users as “full control” for the inventory journals and production journals

  2. An User with full control has able to create, edit, delete and post the inventory journals (movement, profit / loss, transfer, counting) and production journals (picking list, job card & raf )

  3. The Inventory & production journals are been created & posted by a user and subsequently the same User has deleted those posted journal in AX 2009.

  4. Is there any way in AX 2009, such that can we restrict the Users not to delete the transactions after they have been posted even though they the User has access right as “full control”

  5. The client is reluctant to completely take away the ability to delete because users will then not be able to remove mistakes before they get posted.

Can you please let us know, is there any way to restrict the Users not to delete the journals after they have been posted.

Satish EC

Hi Satish

Once journal are posted those are saved in permanent table thus cannot be deleted even if you got full access. untill or unless you remove the transaction from back end that is with the help of any technical person.

What I assume here is you are talking about removal of journal lines in the journals after those are posted. best way is not to give delete option through user rights. 2nd you can also keep track of user base log so that you have you know who has deleted what.



Hi Rajesh, I have the same question but in the context of AX 2012R2. I posted an entry and immediately went in and deleted it - the system allowed the delete. Beside taking away delete access, are there other options available? Thanks in advance.

You can still delete the Inventory Journal even after posting it (by deleting the lines first then the journals). However, you can restrict your inventory journal not to delete by assinging the user just to CREATE (for inventory Journal only) and FULL CONTROL for the

inventory lines (in order for the user to delete any mistake committed on line entry).