Restrict Shipping of Registered Inventory when Production Order is not Closed

Hi All,

Hope someone can help or point me in a better direction.

We have an issue where Sales ships registered inventory before the production order is ENDED. This causes costing issue especially at month end when inventory is re-evaluated. We have talked as a team and agreed what we want to prevent shipping or creating of a packing slip if the inventory is registered.

From the research I’ve done it sounds like all I need to do is uncheck FINANCIAL NEGATIVE INVENTORY in the Model Group. I did that. I’ve ensured the item I tested was in the model group that I changed but I’m still able to create a packing slip and ship if the inventory is registered and production order is not ENDED.

Anyone have any other ideas on what other settings I can / should make to prevent shipping?

Our environment is AX 2012 R2 CU6

Thank you.

The "financial negative inventory checkbox stops you from INVOICING the sales order (or “financially updating” the sales order) while there’s not enough financially purchased inventory (from your production order end.)

If you want to prevent the physical transaction, you’d have to disable the “physical negative inventory” checkbox, but this would still allow a user to ship material after the production order is reported as finished.

Is the “include physical value” checked in your model group? This will count the reported as finished cost as a tentative cost price for the sales order until the production order is ended. Running an inventory recalculation or close will adjust those values after the fact.

Thank you for your clear answer.

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