restrict findkeys()-method

Hello community,

I consumed an AIF-Service in VS2010 and created a request, which should give me the suiteable objects.

This works for most of the objects, but sometimes I get an error because my Service returns too many entitykeys via

client.findKeys(callContext, queryCriteria);

the query:

Service.QueryCriteria queryCriteria = new Service.QueryCriteria();
queryCriteria.CriteriaElement = new Service.CriteriaElement[1];
queryCriteria.CriteriaElement[0] = new SycInventScanService.CriteriaElement();
queryCriteria.CriteriaElement[0].DataSourceName = “InventDim”;
queryCriteria.CriteriaElement[0].FieldName = “InventLocationId”;
queryCriteria.CriteriaElement[0].Operator = SycInventScanService.Operator.Equal;
queryCriteria.CriteriaElement[0].Value1 = “21”

My question is: How can I restrict the findkeys()-method to receive only the first 100 entitykeys ?

Thanks :slight_smile: