Restore in SQL - performance


Our client is accounting company and they have Navision with around 100 companies. The size of database is around 10GB on SQL.

In the process of upgrading from 3.60 to 4.00 we made a backup of current database, created new database with 4.00 client on new Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server 2005, and tried to restore backup. It takes DAYS. It’s not done yet. Currently it takes around two hours per company.

I will probably have to split the database to four or five databases as temporary solution.

Any thoughts?


Hi Danko.

Do as we do. We are in a project upgrading from something like N3 and higher.

Make the migration in a local Navision Database, it’s much faster. And when you have the final migrated database, you create a migrated backup from you local database and restore it to the SQL Server.

Navision developer since 1990.

Try to split the database on different harddisks. Our last test showed (only for our benchmark sample of cause) the database on 4 harddisks is realy 4 times faster (needs only 26% of the time). But this was Native Server…

Thanks guys,

in the mean time I solved the problem. I restored database on my local Navision 4.0 Database with no problem than backed up twenty companies and restored in SQL and repeated that five times.

I shall seriously think about continuing the process on Navision database and than move everything back to SQL.


I found out where was the problem.

Weird behavior:

I have a small SQL Database with two companies. Made a backup from Navision client 4 SP1. Backup size 23MB. Tried to restore to another SQL Database with 70 companies already in. Waited for an hour and got SQL “insufficient memory” failure (I found out that this is because of bug in SQL Memory Broker, I need SQL SP1). Server is Windows 2003 and SQL 2005 with 4GB RAM.

I restored same backup to Navision Database with 50 companies already in. Took only few minutes. Immediately after that I made a backup of the same two companies from Navision Database and got a file of only 7MB???

How can backup of the same data (only company data, no objects or common data) can have 23MB if done from SQL Client and 7MB if done from Navision Client?

Do I have to say that restore of this other smaller file to that big SQL Database went without problem and took only 10 minutes?

At the end I have what I wanted but I had to backup production system on SQL, restore it in native database, backup native database and than restore that backup in SQL.


I know that you have now resolved your issue but, I thought I’d bring it to yours and everyone else’s attention, of a product which my previous company used for our Navision SQL system (size - over 100GB!).

This product handles both backup and restore, and the supplier’s support service in my experience, was excellent!

Anyway, just thought I’d mention it to all - hope it helps. :wink:

This can happen. I have seen that already a lot of times.
I don’t know exactly why, but I think it has something to do with the maximum record-sizes on Navision (4KB) and SQL (6KB [8KB onSQL2005]).

I thought it was because of the way secondary keys are backed up, but I am not a SQL expert, so I may be wrong.

The Navision-backup does not backup the secondary keys (not on native, not on SQL). This you can see that when restoring, when all data is in the DB, Navision starts creating the secondary keys (on both databases).