Restore a deleted report

I’m not sure if this is the correct area to post my question but here it goes.

I have Navision 2.60B (3.60) and I was in the Object Designer to modify one of our reports to print in landscape format so I clicked to copy the report so I could play with the copy and when I went to paste it into the report list the original version vanished and the copy never pasted either. Is there a way to get a backup of the report?

Do you make daily backups of the system?

Is it a standard report or a custom report?

Daily backups of the system.

I think it was a custom report because it did not fall into the standard report number sequence as this one was number 10001.

This is exactly why you should do development in a separate development/test database, never the production database.

Use your latest full backup to create such a development database, export the object from the new database and import the object into the other one.

Next time you want to take a copy of an object, you open the object in design, and you select “Save As” from the file menu. It will ask you for a new number and name, and it will leave the original object intact.

Double check to see if you have any filters set on the Object Designer. You may just have it hidden. Good luck with that!

I wish it was just hidden. Whenever I try to run that report it says it does not exist.