Restart Form In Dynamics Ax

hi all

I want To Restart Form In Dynamics Ax , really I Want To Reset all User Setting By Code.

how Can I do?


You can delete the records from the table SysLastValue, the column ElementName will be the name of your Form.

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Manuel Esquivel

thanks Manuel for your help

but i want to rest user setting Without Close Form

if even delete records from the table SysLastValue , must close and reopen Form

You can do that without restarting the form - it’s what happens when you press Reset in User setup form. This is what it does:

boolean lock = element.lockWindowUpdate(true);

if (lock)

thanks martin

but its Not Solution

i have some field in my form that not change by reset user setting and other code that you refer

Try the standard solution, i.e. the Reset button in User setup form. If it works and my code doesn’t, there is something missing in the code snippet - find it and fix it. If even the standard solution doesn’t work, you’re probably solving a wrong problem - deleting user settings by code is not a normal thing to do, after all. If you tell us what problem are you trying to resolve by deleting user settings, we may be able to suggest a better approach.