Resource groups and resources

(AX 2012) As per my understanding, creating a Resource group will help at the moment you relate a resource to it, the resource will inherit all the information of the group saving you time.

I can’t do this, I’m creating the group, when in the Resources fast tab I cannot add the resource if it was not created first. I create the resource with basic information, and when I use “Add to resource group” button, it gets linked to the group but the information is not inherited.

Is my understanding incorrect or my procedure is wrong? I’ve been reading pdfs and Technet but it is not clear…

Thanks for your help!

The inheriting of the resource group settings is not longer relevant in AX2012 because you can assign a resource across multiple groups as long as the dates do not overlap. I have not read that it has been removed and it was a good feature in AX2009 but the whole concept and structure has changed, so the inheritance may have been removed from a design element.

Have you read that it DOES copy in AX2012?

No I haven’t!!! [li]

That is enough for what I wanted… Thanks!!!

Not saying it does not, but it does not seem to do it anymore.

Hello Héctor and Adam. I am trying to configure AX to inherit the Resource Group Accounts (WIP, etc), has anyone tried this?

Maybe this function was also removed in AX2012. If so, does anyone have an idea why can still be configured the accounts at the resource group?

On the other way, here it says

“The information on the Ledger FastTab depends on the accounting method that was used. These fields are required if the method is Item and resource. These fields are not required if the method is Item and category or if production groups are used”

Thanks for your help!

Juan Pedro

The comment relates to how financially you post to the ledger from the production parameters. You can chose production groups and therefore the accounts on the resource or resource group are irrelevant. This and the change in functionality in AX2012 (moving a resource) naturally lead to a divorcing of the group-resource relationship for accounts and therefore the disconnect is logical, however this is a presumption that it does nothing. Why have they done this? Probably compatibility with the earlier version and with an eye to removing it in the next if it does nothing.

Hola Juan! Voy a responderte en inglés por respeto al resto del grupo, pero que bueno encontrar aquí alguien de mis latitudes!

If your intention is the resources to automatically inherit the group information, then the COPY function that AdamRoue mention is your choice.

Thank for the answers. I understand now. I will start defining the parameters at the resource. Maybe will have to use cost categories or production groups later.

Hector gracias por la respuesta, la verdad que es bueno encontrar a gente cerca también. I didn’t undestand when you said “the COPY function that AdamRoue mention”, did you mean the “Copy resource” function?

Yes Juan, the copy resource function, so once you have your first resource properly created with all the necessary information you can copy all of it to a new resource of the same characteristics, and even with slight changes.